Data to control allergy

Real-time data to empower people's health

Data-driven & CX Research

Working with Almirall, we had the challenge of repositioning and redesigning their app Polen Control. Their last product became obsolete, without being updated since 2012, and with that, we needed to understand better the current users' behaviour and validate if an allergy control app would be valuable for them.

We went through a long process of a discovery phase that included interviews with patients, doctors, and pharmaceuticals, sector benchmarks and testing similar products.

In a conclusion and as a possible business opportunity, the app needed to deliver dynamic content, trustable real-time data and educational accompany. And therefore an attractive and modern look and feel.

We launched Polen Control in 2021 as an MVP. Its main goal was to support people with pollen allergy and help them better manage their pathology from different angles such as follow-up in treatments, symptoms, medication tracking, and prevention.