Tapp Water Branding

Human power builds brand awareness

Brand & Communication Strategy

Tapp Water is a better way to drink water. It's a Brand that truly believes in innovation as a driver capable of changing our daily consumption habits and so protecting current and future generations. Tapp Water is a water and world activist doing its best to save nature and the planet. They not just sell a low-cost biodegradable water filter to give clean water access to all, but also collaborate with other big sustainable causes and empower all customers to "be the change" creating a huge support network in the communities.

The challenge was to bring together the existing pieces of information from the marketing department, user reviews, employees insights and business goals in order to define a visual communication system that carries the true essence of the company's brand. ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

In order to optimize the creative work through different departments in Tapp Water, and attending the company's need of their fast growth of expanding to so many new countries, we built a scalable system of visual elements, accessible to all in the company and easy to use. Establishing the basis and putting in common all the values and the brand purpose to all Tapp workers was essential to achieve the understanding from all and transform the employers into true activists of the cause.